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Your flight is booked, your Motorhome is waiting and with the help of your DetourNZ agent you have a clear idea of your itinerary and the activities you can do during your trip, now it's all down to the final preparations.

To forget nothing and leave nothing to chance, here is the essential checklist for your trip in motorhome.


Before you leave...

tick International driving license or translation and your national license
tick Check all passports are valid for 6 months or more and make a copy that you store in another bag
tick Pack your bags in soft bags, rather than hard case suitcases as they are easier to store it in the vehicle
tick Have some money in cash for your arrival in NZ. 100 NZD is more than enough
tick Remember, adapter plugs, torch, and your favorite CDs
tick Mosquito repellant, sun block, hat, sunglasses
tick Camera, charger, spare memory cards
tick For walkers/trampers, thoroughly clean your equipment and shoes before arriving. Customs New Zealanders are very strict on this. In doubt declare the equipment so it can be inspected and you won't be charged or have the items removed. Similarly do not bring in food, plant or animal products without declaring them
tick Unlock your mobile phone if necessary
tick Print and bring your activity vouchers and itinerary

Arriving in New Zealand

tick Buy any adaptors from duty free if you have forgotten to bring them.
tick Buy a SIM card at the airport (Telecom or Vodafone) You may need to get your phone unlocked first to use the sim card.
tick Once at the depot do not forget to take any brochures, maps and campsites info (standard and DOC) Don't forget you can purchase DOC camping passes and prebook campsites on the DetourNZ customer zone to receive 10% discount. (only if you have booked your vehicle with us)
tick Check the vehicle returns area in the depot and you can enjoy free use of salt, pepper, oil, matches and many other necessities that travellers leave on their return trip.
tick If you do not find chemical tablets for the toilet in the vehicle return area, buy when you are at the depot, or at the campsite reception.
tick Take an inventory of the vehicle before leaving (the waste water and fresh water pipes with fittings, kitchenware, linens and towels, boards to make the bed if needed...)
tick Check that the vehicle operates before leaving the depot (water pump, power, light, gas stove, shower, ...)
tick If you have rented a GPS, make sure you know how to use and it works before hitting the road.
tick If you have not taken the "all inclusive" insurance, walk around the vehicle with the depot agent and note ALL damages and scratches before you leave.
tick Go shopping straight after departure from the depot. There is usually a supermarket within 5 minutes of all depots, either Auckland or Christchurch.

Before returning the Motorhome

tick Empty toilet cassette in the morning before hitting the road. It must be returned empty to the depot
tick Fill with petrol before returning the vehicle. There is a pump nearby the depot in Christchurch and Auckland
tick Pack your bags before you arrive at the depot. This is best to make sure you don't forget anything and reduces your time checking out at the depot
tick Once at the depot, remove all your luggage, food and personal belongings and make sure you have not forgotten anything (check the safe, closets, under the seats, glove box etc)
tick If you have not taken insurance "all inclusive" have another look around the vehicle with the owner and compare with the list you have made at the beginning of your trip.

Important phone numbers and websites :

Emergency (police, ambulance, fire brigade) : 111

Ministry of Transport (road closures, parking fines or tickets) : www.nzta.govt.nz

DOC (Department Of Conservation) : www.doc.govt.nz

British Embassy - Wellington : www.gov.uk/government/world/organisations/british-high-commission-wellington :
+64 (0) 4 924 2888

DetourNZ office : 09 827 85 25

To download a copy of the checklist click on the pdf below :

acrobat 100x100
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